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Shipping and Delivery

Worldwide Destinations

Ordering from We can ship virtually to any address in the world.
All bird whistles are carefully packed in special protective air envelopes and sent with priority mail.

Our Service: All orders are hand shipped within 1 business day!

Shipping and Handling

We have simplified the shipping & handling costs to honest and real prices. Our policy is that we deliver you the product for the real shipping costs; not with any idea to get extra hidden handling-earnings on top of your order.

You can see our very low shipping charges (free shipping for most orders) directly in your shopping cart as soon as you add a product.

To give you an indication of the delivery time to your destination:

Ordering Amount:

0.00 -

10.00 -

20 - >

Shipping Charge:

All Destinations

$2.50 /
$4.50 /

Delivery Time:



2 - 5  business days

United States

2 - 5  business days

Canada, Mexico

3 - 6  business days

Australia, Oceania

4 - 8  business days

Other Destinations

4 - 8  business days

(Amounts are based on prices in US dollars or Euros, and can slightly vary in the different other currencies)

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