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About Us

Thank you for your interest in Original Bird Whistles.

We are the world's leading source for the original high quality mouth bird whistles.
Invented in 1928, back on the streets since 1998, and now all across the globe for 20 years.

Our Bird Whistles are traditionally handcrafted and of the highest quality in the world today. This unique product is developed in many years into perfection. A magical, musical instrument for artists, performers, professionals or just any other enthusiast.
You may have seen us in the last 20 years across the world in countries like Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Schotland, Iceland, Australia, and many many other places..

Because of the long kept secret of the materials of the membrane, it's hard to match the clear sound of our whistles. From time to time poor imitations and counterfeit show up on the web, but we do see & hear the difference!

We are 100% committed to deliver you a quality product that will live up to your expectations. Every bird whistle is eye-selected on quality perfection before it is sent to you, guaranteeing great sounds and endless whistling fun.

All our bird whistles come in the original package with easy to go manual. This makes it the perfect gift for any occasion! Surprise a friend, keep it with you at all times, and you will have attention guaranteed!

Kind Regards, OriginalBirdWhistles.com
Arnhem, The Netherlands

Worldwide Delivery

Ordering from OriginalBirdWhistles.com?
We can ship to virtually any address in the world. Parcels are carefully packed and sent with priority mail.

Our Service: All orders are confirmed & handshipped the same or next business day!

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