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We like to have our shopping system easy, symple and secure for you and us both; - so PayPal will handle and secure all payments, also all credit card payments. You can easily connect with any mayor card on your way to check out without (creating) an account.

Problem with your Cart?

Do not mix up currencies!

We give all our customers, from any destination, to choose freely their preferred currency on their way to check out..

However, if you try to add purchases in different currencies to your shopping cart, PayPal might give a notice that:
'things don't appear to be working at the moment'.

To Solve this Problem:

Make Your Cart Empty First!

Please remove all other items/currencies out of your shopping cart first, before adding something new (bc the system rejects different currencies together in 1 cart).

You can change and or delete anything directly in: Your Shopping Cart >

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