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Some Frequent Questions

We have aswers for some questions you might have:

Can you use the whistle more than once?

Yes! The whistle can be used as many times as you want. Just be careful with the tiny membrane, and you can use it again and again.
The white body part of our bird whistles is made of the modern leather version (not paper or cardboard), so our whistles last extremely long.

Do I need to remove anything of the whistle?

No! Do not take any part of the whistle. It is ready to go as it is directly out of the package. Do not remove the membrane or the stainless steal ring.

I tried all instructions, but cannot get it to work.

If we could look into your mouth face to face, we would make you whistle 100% guaranteed, but that's not always possible, so we have to explain it from here. The main hints:

1. Use an explosive TSCH-sound, like when sneezing (Atchoo!).
2. Do not press your tongue fully to the palate, but keep some space.
3. Make sure the whistle is on the tip of your tongue, not far in the mouth.
And of course; see if you have the round part to the back (see image).

How to Bird Whistle

Watch the video on how to bird whistle »

Are there different birds or is it just 1 sound?

Basically, all the whistles are the same. The several bird species, names and images add extra educative and entertaining elements to them, providing excellent collector's items!
With each of the bird whistles you can make the sounds of many different birds. The more you practice the better you will be in handling it.
Actually, you are the bird yourself; so you can invent and add your specific sound!

I want to make a lower sound, how do I do that?

The more space you create in your mouth while blowing the whistle, the lower the sound will be (example: 'choo').
The less space in your mouth while blowing the whistle, the higher its sounds will be (example: 'chee').
Just compare these two sounds, then you will realize the difference.

Can I make other sounds than just that of birds?

Yes! You can make many different sounds; it is just unlimited. Especially children are very inventive to find out new sounds and possibilities.
Try new moves with your tongue, your lips, your mouth, and all kinds of vibrations. Once you discover that, you will be amazed!

How to recognize "Original" bird whistles?

These bird whistles are, as the tradition requires, manufactured by hand, and eye-selected on perfection. The special preparation of the whistle membrane is a long kept secret, and delivers the best sound in the world.
You have to realize that some whistles around look very much the same, and they might call themselves "originals", but we know the difference!

What does the "modern version" mean?

This reflects the white body part that is made of durable coated material. Until some years ago this part used to be of paper or cardboard which melts away after a while. Still these whistles are around, but we only sell the better quality: the durable modern version.

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